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I needed to be direct and to the point. I couldn't waste time trying to hide things or make light of the situation. Naruto needed a doctor now and I needed to take responsibility for my actions. I helped him hide and didn't make sure he had the proper medical care. I studied her reaction. She was surprised but didn't interrupt me. We both understood the seriousness of that statement. Like Naruto, I would be punished for my actions, but right now that wasn't important. Naruto needs immediate medical attention and I don't trust anyone else to help him but you," I said.

A long explanation would have to wait, but she needed to know the gravity of the situation. She looked surprised not shocked. I expected resistance and having to spend time convincing her it was possible. How far along is he? Her acceptance was astonishing. She knew about male pregnancies. I wanted to ask, but now wasn't the time.

There was blood on the floor and a hot red chakra surrounded him," I said. I still wanted to keep Naruto's secret. Naruto's not ready for people to know," I said. It's not something he can hide. I thought about the question and answered it honestly, "I'm trying to convince him to return, but it's complicated. He thinks it's best for the baby that he stays away," I said.

I knew then that she wasn't going to tell just Sakura but all of them. I tried to think of a way to stop her, but she wouldn't have listened to me. Even if I told her it was Sasuke's baby, it wouldn't have helped.

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She wasn't going to let Naruto hide. Besides, I wouldn't betray Naruto anymore than I already had by telling more people. I just hoped Tsunade knew what she was doing. Kakashi and Sasuke you will come along as well. Your new mission will be to watch the patient and make sure he doesn't disappear.

I trust you three to be discreet. It must be kept a secret from everyone. No one can know what you're doing," she directed. This was excessive, I thought. Naruto wouldn't be happy, so I tried to help. He's not going anywhere. At least, not anytime soon," I said directing my comments toward Tsunade. I'm starting to understand his reasons for leaving, but I'm not prepared to watch him disappear again, and if Naruto can't trust his own team, then who else can he trust," she said. He's in enough trouble and I need time to think of a way to fix the situation," she said.

We will talk about this later. Shikamaru bring us to Naruto," Tsunade said. Tsunade gave brief instructions to Aoi and then we were on our way. The situation kept replaying in my head. One thing was for certain, this was a mess. Naruto was going to kill me. When I talked to him earlier about coming forward and talking with the Hokage, it was still his choice. I didn't plan to take that away from him. If he was adamant about not telling anyone, I probably would have left it at that for now, but I wouldn't let him leave. He had friends even if he couldn't see that and a life on the run was not the answer for him or the baby.

We approached the temple and decided to sneak in and not go through the main gate. If others found out the Hokage visited here, then people would wonder why. We couldn't afford for others to become suspicious. We entered the building unseen. He looked directly at me then at my companions. Gaara was about to answer Sasuke but Tsunade interrupted. I would like to keep this situation a secret for now and since everyone here cares about Naruto, then you can act in his best interests.

The silence was unnerving. I stared at the room's occupants. Gaara gave Sasuke a cold look and Sasuke responded with a look of indifference. Gaara refused to answer. He turned around and started to walk up the stairs. I could tell Gaara hated Sasuke and there was jealousy there too. I heard the same story he had, and while it was difficult to predict Sasuke's reaction, I didn't blame him or hate him for what had happened.

He felt protective of Naruto and blamed Sasuke for hurting him. We'll have to wait and see, but he's in the best possible hands. The room was small with five chairs and a small table. There were two doors at opposite ends of the room. Naruto was being treated in the exam room at the far end of the waiting area. Before I could sit down, Sasuke started asking questions.

His cold and angry voice surprised me. While Naruto and Sasuke were teammates, I didn't expect them to be this close. When Naruto first left, Sasuke frantically searched for him. He even ignored his duties trying to find him. It was then I suspected their relationship might have been more then rivals, and when I discovered Naruto was pregnant, I realized the true depth of their relationship. While Naruto felt guilty, I don't think Sasuke would regret what happened if he remembered it.

But obviously, Naruto doesn't understand Sasuke's feelings. He's too self-conscious and doesn't think he deserves love. Sasuke's eyes looked angrier. Before he could address my remark Kakashi asked, '"Can you tell us what's wrong with him? Refusing to answer Sasuke was one thing but refusing to talk to Kakashi was something else. Let's leave it to the Hokage," I said. I already told one person and anyone else that finds out would not do so through me. I think he understood my hesitation was connected to loyalty.

I guess we're waiting then," he said. No one spoke for the next hour. I could still feel Sasuke's glare but I refused to look at anyone especially him. I blamed myself for this situation, not just for breaking my promise and telling the Hokage, but also for not preventing it from happening.

I relied too much on Gaara and didn't insure Naruto had the proper medical treatment. I didn't have a problem with the doctor but I didn't know him either. Naruto's should have been under the Hokage's care. No matter how good a doctor might be she was far better. Only luck saved him. If she hadn't been here, Naruto might have died. While Naruto's decisions were impulsive, he swept people into his way of doing things. Usually I'm immune to his rash planning, but this time I was pulled in instead of getting him help.

The silence ended with a loud wail. A baby started crying behind the closed door. I let out a deep breath and looked towards Gaara. There was no change in his outer appearance but his eyes shone slightly brighter than before. The baby continued to demonstrate its powerful lungs that must have been inherited from Naruto.

The baby cried for almost five minutes but the sound was rewarding. The way the newborn carried on it was definitely healthy. During this time, I held my breath waiting for the questions from Sasuke and Kakashi, but they remained silent. I refused to look towards them, so I couldn't assess their reaction. I didn't plan on telling them anything even if they asked. Sakura or Tsunade would have to explain it to them.

About an hour later, Tsunade exited the room. She looked tired while wearing her white lab coat that was now stained with blood. Gaara didn't wait for her to give an update. He immediately started to question her. The Hokage sighed before answering the question. He has some internal damage but I've managed to stabilize him and after he builds up his chakra then Kyuubi will do the rest. Naruto was strong and the demon would make sure he lived so I was relieved.

However, one question needed to be asked, "And the baby, is it alright?

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She smiled and looked pleased. He is healthy and strong, but a little small.

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That's normal for a baby born one month premature," she said. Tsunade decided to explain as directly as possible. I looked at her. She was going to leave it at that with no other explanation. Naruto gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

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See how easy it is to explain," she said. Kakashi cleared his throat. Naruto's a boy and having a child isn't possible," Kakashi said. Tsunade shook her head in agreement as Sakura walked out of the room carrying the baby. When a demon sealed inside a male host decides to reproduce, it makes it happen. Sometimes the host will marry and have children the normal way and other times it will force the male to carry the child.

The baby is connected through chakra. Write a customer review. Showing of 1 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Competent and professional, Dr. Emma Bradshaw is well respected in the rural community of Tullibaird where she serves as a doctor and where she was born and brought up. The locals all know about the trauma she faced as a teen - dealing with the fall out of a teenage romance gone wrong and her father's premature death of cancer.

Yet they've nothing but admiration for the way she clawed herself back from the brink of despair by sheer hard work, becoming a doctor and serving her local community with skill and dedication. She lives a quiet life in Tullibaird now, with ne'er a breath of scandal attached to her name.

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  • But the arrival of the leather clad biker, Dr. Nick Rudd, to join the clinic where Emma works, threatens to crumble her confident facade. Rudd is none other than Nick Malone, the town's erstwhile bad boy who left Emma to face a traumatic situation all alone at the time when she needed him most. Nick is adamant that he's come back for Emma as he always said he would. She on the other hand, having built a life for herself after her world fell apart, doesn't want to revisit the past and her hidden heartache.

    So can this couple ever heal the wounds of the past and move on into the future of which they'd once dreamed enthusiastically? Or is it really all over? This is a small town romance with the feel of community involvement and mostly endearing if flawed characters. Just normal human beings, with all their faults and failings. It's also a medical romance, which, I believe, was originally intended for Harlequin. Well, it's very much their loss. This book tackles the issue of how teenage affairs can take a a tragic turn, leaving scars on the psyche.

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    An emotional read which will leave you with both a tear in your eye and a smile on your face and maybe even a couple of sighs along the way. Suzanna Ross presents Emma's agony in a beautiful and sensitive manner. Although it tackles a sad subject, it also shows, as all good romance fiction does, how the healing power of love can work its magic. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.