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Of course the very "knightly" things Lancelot does can see a little weird- like agreeing to return to his prisoner after the tournamen I should preface this by saying that I really love Arthurian legends. Of course the very "knightly" things Lancelot does can see a little weird- like agreeing to return to his prisoner after the tournament and actually fulfilling that promise- but that is part of what makes this story just a good knight story.

If you know nothing about King Arthur, I'd still recommend this book because I found it to be a great story of adventure and romance; plus, I found it really funny. Si bien hay escenas memorables y frescas en un comienzo, estas se van repitiendo hasta que termina la novela. No hay quien no se burle de este al momento en que todos se enteran de su infortunio, actitud que va cambiando a medida que transcurre el accionar de la novela.

Feb 11, Ted rated it really liked it Shelves: It's a hero's journey to win the love of the beautiful queen; he endures many hardships and has many adventures along the way. Lancelot is a great fighter, but he is deeply bound to honor and his word. If someone asks him to do something, he will go to every extent to do it, even at the cost of his own life. He never gives up, and does not shy away from a challenge, even if danger becomes prevalent.

He has no qualms enduring pain or indignity for the sake of his love. While I'm a huge fan of the chivalric knight as hero concept, I'm admittedly a bit turned off at the way Guinevere generally treats Lancelot. She at times seems abusive of the power she has over him, and the secret nature of their affair makes their intimacy limited, leaving the reader a little unfulfilled after all the buildup. The ending is ambiguous as well. It's not stated what happens to their relationship after Meleagant is defeated, and my modern mind wonders if anything comes of the promises Lancelot made to Meleagant's sister sidenote: I'm rather disappointed with the lack of artwork made in conjunction with the story.

There is a lot of great imagery throughout--both fantastic and romantic. I wish some of the great Renaissance, Baroque, or Romantic painters would have given their interpretation of scenes like the sword-bridge, the battle for Logres, and especially Lancelot's and Guinevere's secret meeting at midnight. Aside from some contemporary illuminated manuscripts, there is to my knowledge next to nothing of paintings, sculptures, or illustrations, which is rather shocking, given the number of artists who have created works inspired by so many other great hero stories.

To the fan of Arthurian literature because I know there are so many out there , I'd definitely recommend this read: El Caballero de la Carreta fue escrita entre y y nos narra las aventuras en las que Lancelot se ve envuelto mientras anda tras los pasos de la Reina Ginebra, secuestrada por el malvado Maleagante.

BITTER GREENS: The Facts behind the Fiction of Charlotte-Rose de la Force's life

Jan 24, Joseph F. I first read this story years ago in a prose translation and I found it a little forgettable. I thought I would give it another chance with Cline's verse translation. I had read two of her other Arthurian Romances before, Yvain and Perceval, and loved them.

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Although I still don't think Lancelot is as good, I'm glad I gave it a second chance. Cline's poetry reads well and the story truly comes alive in verse. Or it could just be I liked it better after reading it a second time. This is the oldes I first read this story years ago in a prose translation and I found it a little forgettable.

This is the oldest tale we have of the love affair of Lancelot and Queen Guinevere.

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It dates to the 12th century and was written in old French. Lancelot is a knight who allows himself to be humiliated by allowing himself to ride in a cart in order to catch up to the evil Meleagant, an evil prince who has just abducted the queen. Although he does not catch them, the cart ride allowed him to remain hot on the trail. It turns out he must make his way to the mysterious land of Gorre to save her.

The trip is not only perilous, but poor Lancelot is dogged every step of the way by others who mock him since he rode in a cart; something only reserved for criminals and not a noble knight.

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Our hero must prove himself often as not only a competent warrior, but the greatest of knights. However, it is only when he reaches his destination that the fun really begins: If you love Arthurian romance, be sure to check this book out. While you are at it, it is worth while to read all of Chretien's romances. Gedurende een groot deel van het boek heeft Lancelot een duidelijke queeste: Bovendien geeft een motief van erotiek en overspel de roman een extra dimensie. Daarnaast kent de roman in Meleagant de naam alleen al een echte aardsschurk, waarmee pas helemaal aan het einde van de roman wordt afgere 'Lancelot of De ridder van de kar' is een veel betere roman dan ' Erec en Enide: Daarnaast kent de roman in Meleagant de naam alleen al een echte aardsschurk, waarmee pas helemaal aan het einde van de roman wordt afgerekend.

Nog steeds bestaat het grootste deel van de actie uit tweegevechten tussen ridders, maar er gebeurt veel meer. De roman kent een betere opbouw dan 'Erec en Enide' en kan hier en daar zelfs spannend genoemd worden. Het is in ieder geval een nog altijd zeer genietbaar ridderavonturenverhaal.

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Feb 15, Annemieke Windt rated it really liked it. It's a Classic story about the knight Lancelot. My primary source for the facts of Charlotte-Rose's life come from "Mademoiselle de la Force: My secondary source was "Letters from Liselotte: Charlotte-Rose is mentioned a number of times. Researching and writing the life of Charlotte-Rose de la Force was like assembling and putting together a gigantic jigsaw - it required patience, dedication and persistence.

I feel, however, that I have discovered one of the most fascinating women ever forgotten by history. About Me Review Policy. This blog was first published in September Comments Shenna commented on Jan Colette commented on Nov I have just finished reading your book Bitter Greens and found it very interesting and entertaining. It certainly expanded on the line: As I am also of French descent I found the historical parts of great interest too.

Lucky you and your family doing your research in my beautiful La Belle France which sadly now we are retired in Australia I might not see again, despite having lots of family living there. Emma commented on Feb I just finished Bitter Greens literally like five minutes ago. It was absolutely wonderful, all the stories and characters so real and interesting.

Lancelot: The Knight of the Cart

I had, unsurprisingly never heard of Charlotte-Rose, and I agree that she is one of the most fascinating women. Such an incredible life! I greatly admire all the research that must have gone into making this novel. Fiona commented on Mar He embarks on adventures he never dreamed of. Marcher dans vos Chaussures by Dmitria This is the sequel to Fidele a la Parole, and begins at episode 7. Milliah continues traveling with the Four Musketeers disguised as her son, Dmitri.

BITTER GREENS: The Facts behind the Fiction of Charlotte-Rose de la Force's life

The king sends out an elite agent of Le Secret du Roi to assist the Four Musketeers on their mission. Transitoire by reen reviews d'Eon is Lia is d'Eon. I wanted to see Durand carry d'Eon just once. Insert this anywhere between early episodes. Secret by Umeko reviews Maximilien has something to ask Lia, if she will answer him. Climax French by Mask Rider Roy reviews Fuyuki and the Keroro Platoon are on their way home to Tokyo when a stowaway crashes in and a fight ensued that caused their train to malfunction and landed in France, meeting D'Eon and his allies while the train gets fixed.

What mischief can the twins get into?

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T - English - Humor - Chapters: Enchanted by Aurora Hargreaves reviews My B-day fic. Btw, I don't own any of the characters, except Lea and Aleece. Lea wants to know D'Eon's true feelings, because she loves him, yet can't admit it