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Chinese English Translation Chinese. Printed from Cerise Press: Poetry Seth Abramson Slowdown Thievery. Richard Jackson Another Small Apocalypse.

Courtroom Carnival: Famous New Orleans Trials Now Available!

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Attorneys Get Fiery in Court Over Carnival Casino

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Nicholas Walton-Healey from Fox Breath. Uncommon Journey — The Tao of Travel: Mary Harwell Sayler Nonfiction: Connecting Poets and Readers: Phantom Countries — On the Road to Babadag: Preliminary hearings in juvenile courts are generally open hearings as long as the defendant is 14 years old or older and being charged with a felony. But a juvenile court judge is allowed to close the courtroom "for good cause shown," either on his own or by an attorney's motion.

Taybron's attorney, Leslie Siman-Tov, and Nixon's attorney, Gregory Bane, both objected to closing the courtroom, with Siman-Tov saying there "hasn't been a single bit of evidence" that anyone had been threatened. But Wilson agreed to close the courtroom based on Bell's assertions, with about 30 spectators having to leave the courtroom.

Courtoom Carnival | Famous New Orleans Trials

Davis' parents, the defendants' parents, a Daily Press reporter and several others were allowed to stay. Two teenage girls on hand in the group of teens before the shooting began were the prosecution's two witnesses.

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But one of the teens testified that she saw the shooting from about 20 feet away, seeing a man with a hoodie opening fire. As she fell behind a potted flower plant, the teen said, she also saw the "tip of a gun" being held by someone else. But she couldn't see who was holding it.

As for the first shooter, she acknowledged that she had told a police detective after the shooting that she could not ID the shooter because she saw him at an angle and he had a hood on. But in the courtroom on Tuesday, she picked Taybron out in the courtroom as the shooter, though she acknowledged she picked him out of a group of photographs only "in the past week.

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The second prosecution witness testified that she saw Nixon "go in his pants" to remove "something black. Both girls' stories were at times unclear and difficult to follow, with the attorneys and judge often having to ask for clarifications.