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Peni-Vagi : erotische Poesie

Bocca, , 6—8. Speyer reported of several cases of children showing passionate feelings of love, jealousy and hatred towards other children or adults in letters, R. Moll referred to pages 6, —2, and —5. Moll referred here to a case of a one-and-a-half-year-old girl who was seen playing at her genitals with her fingers, ibid. University of Chicago Press, , ch. Moll did not make any reference to the emerging endocrinological literature.

However, Moll made a distinction between the two drives. The detumescence-impulse, he thought, was a direct consequence of the gonads, at least in men, whereas in women during intercourse the detumescence-impulse was separated from the functioning of the gonads. The contrectation-impulse, in contrast, he interpreted as an indirect consequence of the gonads that could only be understood from an evolutionary perspective in relation to the purpose of the genitals ibid.


Moll explained this indirect effect of the gonads as excitement Erregung stemming from the testicles or ovaries. This excitement, however, he understood to be probably independent from the secretion of semen or from ovulation ibid. A Critical Edition Houndsmills: Palgrave Macmillan, , 1— Edition Diskord, , 9— Moll and Krafft-Ebing regularly corresponded Sulloway, ibid. Nichts, aber es war ein Keim sexueller Regung da.

Reissner, , See also Sulloway, op. Imago, , —8. Walther, , Suhrkamp, ; Gilman, op. Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka und andere Skandale Munich: Society for the Promotion of Science and Scholarship, , 51— Camden House, , 62— Fischer, , He also collected a large number of picture postcards and had photographs taken of young girls he favoured and admired, many of them in the nude and put on display on the walls of his room in the Grabenhotel where he lived.

Hans Christian Kosler ed.


Leben und Werk in Texten und Bildern Munich: From Altenberg to Wittgenstein Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, , 47—72; Gilman, op. Bucher, , —8. Fritz Wittels, Freud and the Child Woman: Yale University Press, ; Leo Lensing: The child—woman came into fashion. There was thirst after immaturity. Das Weibkind kam in Mode. Man lechzte nach Unreife.

In he came into conflict with the law when he was accused of sexually molesting and abusing underage girls in the Vienna Forest; Werkner, op. Rowohlt, first, Vienna: It is not clear who the author was, but Felix Salten — , the author of Bambi , has been alleged to have written the novel, although he had denied this. Der Akt in viktorianischer Zeit Ostfildern-Ruit: Oxford University Press, , — One of the most famous examples was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Lewis Carroll and his fascination with young girls, whom he photographed in the nude from the late s.

Morton Cohen defend them as representations of innocence and others, such as art historian Carol Mavor, emphasise their sexual nature; Morton Cohen, Lewis Carroll, Photographer of Children: Four Nude Studies New York: University of Georgia Press, , — Geschlechtskrankheiten und Gesundheitspolitik in Deutschland im Steiner, ; Dorothy Rowe, Representing Berlin: Paris, Berlin, London — , P.

Barsdorf, , — Allen, , repr. Marcus, ; see Sulloway, op. Bell had been a student of G. Moll repeated his criticism of Freud several times throughout his study, see, for example, idem op. The Dream of a Science Cambridge: A Life for our Time repr. Max, , — and — Freud und die Psychoanalyse Zurich and Stuttgart: Rascher, , — The Creation of Psychoanalysis New York: Harper Collins, , — Bleuler saw himself standing somewhere between Freud and Jung in this respect but leaning more towards Freud; Shamdasani, ibid.

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On the strained relationship between Stern and Freud and other psychoanalysts, ibid. Die Kontroverse um die Kinder-Psychoanalyse. Westdeutscher Verlag, , — On the relationship between Kraus and Freud, Wagner, op. Replik auf die kritischen Bemerkungen von J. Fischer, , minutes 58, 11 November , 39— International University Press, , 43— A few days before the meeting, Freud had made a similar negative comment in a letter to C. Jung , Ralph Manheim and R. Penguin, , —6: Springer; offprint from, Ergebnisse der inneren Medizin und Kinderheilkunde , Vol.


Ein Beitrag zur Erkenntnis der sexuellen Inversion Berlin: Weise; , cf. A reviewer for the American Journal of Psychology op. Wilhelm Stekel, for instance, did not believe masturbation was pathological as such; rather, the pathological effect was caused by those fighting against masturbation.

Nunberg and Federn eds , op.

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National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Med Hist v. Published online Apr. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. I am very grateful to Rosemary Elliot, Hans-Georg Hofer, James Kennaway, to our research associate, Sebastian Pranghofer, and to the two anonymous reviewers whose comments and critique helped me to sharpen my argument. I am also indebted to questions and comments from participants in research seminars at the universities of Warwick, Leeds and Oxford, UCL and the Institute for Historical Research, London, where I had the opportunity to present and discuss different versions of this paper.

Great thanks go to the Wellcome Trust for its continuous support of my research and to Mike Laycock for his editorial assistance. Any flaws are my own responsibility. Yes, some of its topics and fetishes are not politically correct in our time but it was not written in our time although sometimes you believe it was. Even though she wrote these stories as commissions for a man she managed to stay true to her style and deliver a feminist view of sex, intimacy and relationships. Like a said, it's a gem.

Okay so I was listening to a trivia show on the radio and one of the questions was like - what legendary feminist writer is known for having a collection of erotica published posthumously - and then neither of the folks on the air could guess the answer but my interest was piqued. I read up on the author and read like, a single headline. Anais gets mad props on the front page of Google and I was like bet. Was totally not prepared for the shookifying turn that the first story took. This book isn't very erotic.

I hate giving bad or so-so reviews, so I had to stop and think about if I really wanted to review it. I've only gotten half way through the book and I'm not going to bother finishing it. It's short stories that start out good and start to build up, and then she wraps everything up super fast, sometimes with a bad ending, and that's the end. It reminds me of the way old fairytales were written. Get to Know Us. Amazon Web Services Goodreads Shopbop. Not Enabled Word Wise: